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0R2L 1R1L 2R0L 0R3L 1R2L 2R1L

3R0L 0R4L 1R3L 2R2L 3R1L 4R0L

0R5L 1R4L 2R3L 3R2L 4R1L 5R0L

0R6L 1R5L 2R4L 3R3L 4R2L 5R1L

6R0L 0R7L 1R6L 2R5L 3R4L 4R3L

5R2L 6R1L 7R0L 0R8L 1R7L 2R6L

3R5L 4R4L 5R3L 6R2L 7R1L 8R0L

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